Monday, 13 February 2012


Water is a compound that is essential for life on this earth, all living creatures need water in their lives, for example for the process of metabolism, respiration or photosynthesis for plants, that aided the sun.
It was obvious that people in desperate need of water. The human body consists of 50-65 percent water. Muscles are 75 percent water, 70-85% of the brain consists of water, and the bones were about 50% water, and the blood  more than 90% water. It can be seen that parts of the human body needs water for digestion, blood circulation and others. Water is also very helpful in the healing process of illness.
Humans may be able to survive without food for several weeks., But can only survive a few days without water. A water molecule consists of components of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms, the blend is not a coincidence but the combination is very beneficial to withstand and absorb the heat in the body. The human body can not store water, so to maintain fluid balance in the body, humans must consume water to replace water that has been issued by the body in the form of urine, sweat, dirt and others. Difference between the body's metabolic rate, body weight, the forging temperature, and level of activity that is conducted between a person with another person causes the difference in the required amount of water intake between the person with another person. The required amount of water intake is affected by these factors and other factors.
Water can be obtained directly from drinking water or indirectly which can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. Water is needed to support the body functions, including regulating body temperature, when a person exercising, the water is needed to maintain the stability of body temperature, that is released through perspiration. It is therefore highly recommended for athletes to drink water when exercising, so it will be longer to maintain his/her freshness body. Water also can rid the body of food scraps, dissolve and remove impurities and toxins in the body, which helps to remove the remains of the body's metabolism, excess electrolytes, eg sodium, potassium and urea which are waste products from the processing of food proteins. Dirt that settles in the body can dissolve in water, dirt, debris buildup in the body over time can be toxic, so drink plenty of water to dissolve and remove these impurities.
Water is also good for the skin, which can fix skin texture and appearance because the water can work as a moisturizer. In addition, other of  water function that is can carry a variety of nutrients and oxygen in the blood cells, keeping the blood pressure to normal, maintain healthy cells in the body and others.
It was obvious that the consumption of mineral water and clean is required depending on weight and activity of a person. Adults are strongly advised to consume at least 8 glasses of water everyday to fulfill water balance in the body. Water  is also widely used to therapy for cure many diseases, for example, be used as a hot compress for the healing of muscle strain and nervous tension. Water can also be used to make a cold compress to soothe breathing, stimulate the nerve. To ease the pain and also to prevent swelling in the joints and muscles can be used water which is used as an ice pack. Another example of water therapy is a towel that soaked in hot water, squeezed, so that the hot towel and then rubbed on the body for some time the result is useful for relaxing muscles and relieve nervous tension. Some of the examples above are just a few examples, because a lot of other therapies using water that is useful for health.
A person who is lack drinking water, or lack of water intake on a person, it can cause dehydration, dehydration is due to the moisture content is too low in the body.Dehydration can cause interference of the body's functions. Symptoms of light dehydration include thirst, dry mouth, headache, body feels tired. The athletes especially need to more concerned this, because one of the causes of dehydration is increased production of sweat is because it does not consume fluid with an appropriate volume with perspiration after exercising, if keep going process of perspiration, and not balanced by adequate fluid intake, the body will become dehydrated. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain body fluid balance by consuming water when exercising. Dehydration can also be caused due to an illness, such as diarrheal diseases, a person suffering from diarrheal diseases will potentially become dehydrated because if a person has diarrhea then that person will spend a lot of fluids.